Sunday, June 30, 2013

LEGO Super Heroes Jor-El Review

Theme: Super Heroes
Name: Jor-El
S/N: -
Year: 2013
Pieces: 5
Minifig: 1
Price: RM-, USD-, GBP-

The Man of Steel or Superman hype is still not over, and this month, for those that purchase over $75 from LEGO Shop at Home will get this exclusive minifigs of Jor-El. The front of the polybag shows Jor-El minifigs while the back of the polybag are words and logo and there is one line in between that you can see through the content inside the polybag.
SH_0143 SH_0144

Here's all the parts that are needed to assemble a minifigs, too bad this is not Jor-El in his battle suit, otherwise is cool to owned an extra cool armor. Too bad, no accessory was given as well.

There is nothing much special about this minifig. The only thing special is that this is somewhat exclusive. Jor-El colour was of a darker red compare to Superman (which I have not owned yet). I think the design are the same just different color and Jor-El got both side of this torso and leg printed too. Is good to have as much details as possible on a minifigs. 
SH_0146 SH_0147

Completed model
Now that market are flooded, this is the best time to get it, the prices are lowered than the time I bought this. Is always nice to owned an exclusive minifigs.

Playability: -
Building experience: -
Parts: 6/10 Fully printed with no accessory.
Value for money: 2/10 Now that the price has drop, I paid extra 30+ for it. T.T
Overall: 4/10 Minifigs lover shall have one of this, grab one while the price is low.

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