Sunday, May 27, 2012

LEGO Star Wars #9491 Geonosian Cannon Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: Geonosian Cannon
S/N: #9491
Year: 2012
Pieces: 132
Minifig: 4
Price: RM149.90, USD19.99, GBP19.99
I'm into this set probably because of Commander Gree and the Zombie Geonosian. The front of the box shows us the minifigs and their name on the right while the left show us the serial number and the name of the set. Nice box art too. The top of  the box shows us the actual scale of the minfigs while the back of the box show us the playability and other nice picture.

IMG_0770 IMG_0771 IMG_0772

Inside the box was two numbered bag of bricks, a piece of plastic that contains the wings of the fellow Geonosian and an instruction book.

IMG_0774 IMG_0775

To read the instruction, kindly click HERE.

The Geonosian are using the ray gun from the minifigs series spaceman. Of course, added with two bricks to differentiate it. Also we have blue lightsaber and a SE-14 Blaster.

Barriss Offee cape are actually shorter, but I do not attach it on here, and her back is not printed probably because she have a cape. Commander Gree and the two Geonosians have both side of their torso printed. Their leg are printed too. Under the helmet of Commander Gree are the normal Clone Trooper face.

IMG_1129 IMG_1132

Geonosian Cannon
I like how this cannon are designed although it is brown in color again. I think is a great cannon and whoever are building the war scene with Geonosian, you should have a couple of this.

IMG_1099 IMG_1102 IMG_1104 IMG_1106

Moving to the playability, the cannon is adjustable but the movement is quite limited because the two bar or button behind the cannon is in the way. 

IMG_1109 IMG_1111

At the back of the cannon there are two controller for the use of the Geonosian. No screen or anything for them to see or lock their target.
IMG_1112 IMG_1114
Underneath the cannon there are two flick-fire missiles under it. To fire the missiles, you have to push the two button technic bar behind the cannon and it will shoot. It shoot quite far too.
IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1118
Below here is a shot of the Geonosian Cannon with the minifigs.
Extra pieces
You should have these parts after you are done with the assembling process.
Complete model
I'm not sure how many out there are into Clone Wars, but the minifigs that comes with these set are not bad at all just that Barriss Offee is in there. Commander Gree is a great addition to the collection. Anyway, the cannon is not that bad.


Playability: 4/10 Push-fire missiles, adjustable cannon.
Building experience: 5/10 Not really that fun to build the cannon.
Parts: 7/10 A lot of round plate.
Value for money: 4/10 Quite pricey.
Overall: 6/10 Get one if you are a Clone Wars fans, or you plan to build diaroma.

LEGO Star Wars #9489 Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Trooper Battle Pack
S/N: #9489
Year: 2012
Pieces: 77
Minifig: 4
Price: RM79.90, USD12.99, GBP11.99
No longer have much time to do the review that I enjoyed to do so back then after start my dull working life.  Imported these from the states, so it have piece count, other than the serial number and the name of the set. The top of the box shows the actual scale of the minifigs while the back of the box shows the playability of the set.

IMG_0878 IMG_0881 IMG_0886

There are two bags of bricks and an instruction booklet when I pour them out from the box.

IMG_9350 IMG_9351

To find out more about the instruction, kindly click HERE.

Usually the short blaster pistol comes in pair and worse came to worse, either one party has share among themselves while I prefer the SE-14 or E-5 Blaster. It comes with binocular too.
The new battle pack comes with two faction in one single pack and that decreases the number of  making it tougher to build your army where you get both wanted and unwanted minifigs in the same set. Good thing to the company but not for the fans. Anyway, the rebels and Storm Trooper have both side of their torso printed. Storm Trooper have a new print on his torso and so does the rebel. Also the new Imperial Trooper now have faces under the helmet, although they look sick.

IMG_9389 IMG_9391

Something for the Scout Trooper to ride on. The new version of speederbike which is slightly different from the Ewok Attack (#7956) set. No playability, but is something nice to be display on the shelf. I can said we have a lot of different version of speederbike from year 1999 to recent.

IMG_9361 IMG_9365

Rebel Hideout
I don't think this is a good hideout. What about you? Perhaps they should provide us with more bushes that are able to cover up the weapon rack and the missile launcher.

IMG_9368 IMG_9370 IMG_9371 IMG_9372

I would have to say is a pretty bad hideout, but have very good part to build tree. Anyway, is a battle pack and TLG expect us to get more than one of this set and modified it with the parts from extra set we bought.

The hideout, came with the same old bored trick that most of the LEGO Star Wars sets had it imply, the flick-fire missiles! And this time it can turn 360 degree and flick it at the direction you like.

IMG_9381 IMG_9384

Here's a picture of the senior rebel commanding the junior rebel to fire the missiles.


Extra pieces
Shown below here are the few extra parts that are left.


Completed model
I'm always attracted to the minifigs and I am pretty sure even TLG know that the fans are going after the minifigs and they have been producing more and more variety of minifigs. The downside of this battle pack is that the rebel force will have the equal number of trooper with the Imperial force which in fact the Imperial is outnumbered them.


Playability: 4/10 Worst playability that you can think of.
Building experience: 5/10 Happy building the speederbike, disappointed by the hideout.
Parts: 9/10 Speederbike parts and some tree parts.
Value for money: 6/10 RM80 for four minifigs, which two of them are somehow useless when it get too much.
Overall: 6/10 Bad playability, good minifigs, at least the real minifigs, good parts and quite a good price.

LEGO Star Wars #7667 Imperial Dropship Review

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Theme: Star Wars
Name: Imperial Dropship
S/N: #7667
Year: 2008
Pieces: 81
Minifig: 4
Price: RM79.90, USD9.99, GBP9.79

This is the set back in 2008 and the box print that time was using Vader face. Here's the box art which I get, a very simple one, serial number and the name of the set was there at the front. The top of the box shows the actual scale of Storm Trooper while the back shows the minifigures and the playability that this set provided you with.

IMG_0710 IMG_0712 IMG_0715

Inside the box was two bags of bricks, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet that contains the logo of the Imperial army. This set is a little bit aged, so you can see that there are some yellowish thing grown on the sticker sheet.

IMG_0768 IMG_0765

To view the booklet, kindly click HERE.

Back then, these blasters was really something new and rare, and if able to get two of the long one would make me feel very delighted. So we get two SE-14 and two E-5 blaster.


Thanks to this battle pack, it brings down the price of the Shadow Trooper and later the magnet set. I am very happy to get this Shadow Trooper even until now as I remember that you can only get them in TIE Crawler before this battle pack is release. All of the minifigs are printed on both side of their torso and the have that black blank head stud.

IMG_0755 IMG_0757

the only downside of these minifigs is that their helmet are too loose and they are still the same when Clone Walker Battle Pack (#8014) was released. Same problem being carried forward. But at least now they are getting better by a bit.

Imperial Dropship
I am not sure if this dropship is in the expanded universe, but it definitely is one small useful craft that use to drop off the Storm Trooper in battlefield. Small but acceptable design.

IMG_0731 IMG_0732 IMG_0736 IMG_0737

There are not much things to be stress on, on this small dropship and moving to the cockpit it was empty, there are no controllers and anything else for the Shadow Trooper to man the dropship. Secondly the windscreen fall off easily when you open and close it. Just to point out the flaws that we can work on it in improving it, after all this is LEGO.

IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0740

Here's the main playability and something that matches the name, dropship. At the back of the craft there are a base plate where it can fit in a maximum of 4 minifigs. Also on top of it are the tail of the craft with the engine which can be higher up to release the platform that carries the Storm Trooper.

IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0749

Is a one neat playability, don't you think? Rather than the flick fire missile thingy that appear in most of the Star Wars set. But this dropship is rather unarmed and can be shot down anytime by the rebel.

There are place for you to attached the blasters in the middle top of the craft. Also, you need to apply the stickers to add more details to it. Here's a shot of the dropship with the  minifigs.


Extra pieces
Here are the two extra pieces that you should find yourself end up with after finishes the dropship.


Completed model
Still remain as one of the best Storm Trooper army building set although the torso print is quite outdated and has been replaced by a newer print which in my opinion, it looks better. I suppose the set is now very rare and fetch a high price in the after market.


Playability: 6/10 The drop off the Storm Trooper thing wins it all.
Building experience: 6/10 A simple and fun build from this small set.
Parts: 8/10 Blasters, minifigs, windscreen, and which of them is not nice?
Value for money: 8/10 Thinking back RM80 was a good price, as you get four minifigs armed with weapons and a  nice dropship.
Overall: 7/10 Cool set, something worth getting IMO.