Friday, February 26, 2010

LEGO Castle #852702 Dwarf Warrior Battle Pack

Theme: Castle
Name : Dwarf Warrior Battle Pack
S/N : #852702
Year : 2009
Pieces : 45
Minifig : 5
Price : RM-, SGD24.90, USD14.99, GBP8.79

As you can see the box are pretty simple and the background inside the box is a piece of printed paper where you can remove it while at the back of it are a bunch of words. You can see that the bottom two dwarfs have their beard attached wrongly too.

IMG_4078 IMG_4085

Since there is not much to show about the content, I jump straight to the accessories. This battle pack include many rare accessories but they are a little low on quality. Why?
-The crystal pieces are loose when attach to the dwarf hand plus the color is a bit off.
-The axe (which is the blade) have different color tone from each other and it is not as shiny as the one from the set.



This is the main reason for us to get the set, which is to get more of the dwarf minifig with their beard and helmet. However, the helmet are loose and again not as good quality as the one we get from the set. It seems like battle pack quality are bad just like the magnet.


Compare to the previous castle battle pack, I got to say the quality is getting worse. At least, the first two battle pack are better in quality although they are a bit quality issue in it. Here are more pictures:

IMG_4096 IMG_4121 IMG_4144 IMG_4110 IMG_4099

We get different helmet and different color of helmet which is cooper, silver and gold although is not coating but is metallic.

Whole Model
Here's the whole thing of the battle pack. This set got a very low quality, however this is a cheap alternative for minifigure collector to attain his dwarf minifig if he or she is not so fussy about the quality.


Price: 8/10 Is cheap as we can get five minifigs and a lot of accessories.
Accessories: 8/10 There's a lot of them and the shield and axe sure are rare.
Quality: 4/10 The quality is just too bad.
Overall: 7 OVerall this set is acceptable as it can supply weapon to your castle army.