Sunday, June 30, 2013

LEGO Star Wars Han Solo (Hoth) Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: Han Solo (Hoth)
S/N: -
Year: 2013
Pieces: 5
Minifig: 1
Price: RM-, USD-, GBP-

This is a freebies on May the 4th promo this year. The front of the polybag showing us Han Solo with the description like name and parts count while the back are just wording. At the middle of the back there is this transparent line which you can look inside.
SW_0109 SW_0110

Five pieces of minifigs parts and that is all we have. No weapon included although he did use one in Hoth. But an extra hair piece was given.

Han Solo
This exclusive Han Solo, have his torso printed at both front and back. Even his leg are printed parts which is  a good news.  He have two facial expression, one of them is somewhat worried or scared expression while the other one is the fully covered face.
SW_0112  SW_0113
Is true that is nice to have extra facial expression but when the hair piece failed to covered up the other printed expression is really disappoint the fans. But still, I'm not getting this minifigs to see his worried expression but to let him ride on the Taun-taun so I will use the other expression.

SW_0114 SW_0115
With that big headgear of this, if pretty much covered the other expression at the back and this minifig looks just good as it is when he is fully suit up.

Completed model
What can I said, it was a nice minifig but at the same time it was unpopular among the collector since there are like tons of Han Solo out there. Is a bonus to those that have Shop at Home in their countries, but who would actually willing to pay for this minifig here in the local market unless it was dirt cheap?

Playability: -
Building experience: -
Parts: 7/10 Fully printed with no accessory.
Value for money: 3/10 I paid a high sum of money for this minifig which makes me regret.
Overall: 5/10 Nice prints but common character.

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