Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LEGO Star Wars #9492 TIE Fighter Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: TIE Fighter
S/N: #9492
Year: 2012
Pieces: 413
Minifig: 4
Price: RM299.90, USD54.99, GBP49.99

Last year box art theme is to have Darth Maul. While this is the United States version of box, it comes with parts printed in front of the box. On the right side of the box, the minifigs were shown together with their name. The top side of the box shows all the minifigs in actual scale while tha back of the box shows the playability of the TIE Fighter and a few shots of the minifigs.
SW_0051 SW_0052 SW_0053

We have two pieces of parts that are not sealed in any of the numbered bag besides of the bags of bricks and instruction book. The three bags of bricks are numbered and each of the bag assemble the different parts of the fighter.
SW_0054 SW_0055

While this set comes with four minifigs, there is only one accessory given. Guess most of them do not need a blaster. Was thinking to have two blaster actually.

From left are the Death Star Trooper, TIE Pilot, Imperial Officer and R5-J2. The two new minifigs looks just great, especially R5-J2 astromech droid that comes with new head piece.
SW_0057 SW_0058

As you can see from the above pics, most of them only have their torso printed one side expect Imperial Officer which have both side of his torso printed. Death Star Trooper is the only minifigs with two expression printed, while under the helmet of this TIE Pilot are the same head as what the Sand Trooper and Storm Trooper have. Same face.
SW_0059 SW_0060 SW_0061

TIE Fighter
After long stop from production they come out with a better version of TIE Fighter, the new colour scheme grey and black makes them looks more accurate and better. Although this fighter have great design, but there is not much playability, just like the same old TIE Fighter.
SW_0063 SW_0064 SW_0065 SW_0066

The first playability here is the cockpit windscreen that can be open and close to place your minifig in the cockpit. The roof are movable too, so you have more space to attached the pilot into the seat. The cockpit have no computer screen but instead just a translucent red grill part. The windscreen is printed part, probably they know that sticker will be very hard to stick on such round surface.
SW_0067 SW_0068 SW_0069

Below the cockpit are two flick-fire missiles. This is the favorite function for the designer team to use. The two makes the ship looks better anyway. Just that it is rather common playability in LEGO Star Wars universe.
SW_0071 SW_0072 SW_0073

The two hexagon wing now gets thicker and is definitely a good idea since the TIE fighter are more stable when you put them on display. Other than that, the wing surface are rather smooth, hardly have stud, which is another great, since it looks better. Some details are added to the wings as well and that round piece is a printed parts again.

Here's another shot of the TIE Fighter

Extra pieces
These were the extra pieces that I have left after the assembling process. Very few parts.

Completed model
This is one of the iconic ship too in the Star Wars Original Trilogy Universe other than X-wing. This fighter is not bad at all although there are very few playability. Is a great set for display and also comes with great minifigs. Overall, I still like it despite of the low playability since the design are good and the amount of minifigs are good as well.

Playability: 4/10 Flick-fire missiles and open and close cockpit.
Building experience: 4/10 The wings part are really bored since you repeated it twice and most of parats goes to the wings.
Parts: 6/10 At least there are printed parts and not sticker, a lot of plates too.
Value for money: 4/10 Pricey. . . 
Overall: 4/10 If you ever found one at a great value, just grab it, the ship and minifigs really are good. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

LEGO Super Heroes #76001 The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase Review

Theme: Super Heroes
Name: The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase
S/N: #76001
Year: 2013
Pieces: 368
Minifig: 3
Price: RM209.90, USD39.99, GBP39.99

I imported one of this from the states, and it seems to have included some sort of game code with the set. The front of the box have the parts count printed, name of the set, and messages that tells you download code included and comic book included. The top side of the box shows Batman in actual scale while the back of the box shows the playability of the set.
SH_0061 SH_0062 SH_0063

The set comes with three bags of bricks and each of them have number printed on them. The first bag is very much focus on the tumbler while the second and third focuses on the bat. We have two instruction books, a comic book, sticker sheet and a card that contains the download code. I think the download code is for the game demo, maybe? Have not use it until today.
SH_0065 SH_0066 SH_0067

The only accessories that comes with this set is only a gun that Commissioner Gordon is using. Nothing else, no dynamite or even batarang. Is disappointing I would say. I am not sure if the product description mentioned about the batarang is included, but the checklist at the back of the instruction showing us otherwise.

The set comes with three minifigs and I'm impress with them. I'm not too sure whether the Batman is new or not but we are getting two new figs, Commissioner Gordon and Bane.
SH_0069  SH_0070

All of the minifigs have both side of their torso printed. Batman torso are very printed, they just add in as much details as possible and it looks great. Too bad his leg are not printed, otherwise the whole figs will looks better. Batman have two expression printed on his head.

Bane from the movie version looks great, the prints are just right and some of the colour used are a little glossy. Since bane does not comes with own headgear, they use printed head stud instead and it was printed at the front and back. Maybe the reason for it being printed is because his was never been revealed in the movie. His torso are printed on both side too and is quite alike with the movie. I don't mind since TLG always get is as accurate as possible only.
SH_0071 SH_0072

Commissioner Gordon seems to be wearing some guard around his torso although I cannot recall much whether he wears it or not but is definitely useful for City lover. However, the price might not be right for them or some of them prefer it to be separated armor piece. Commissioner Gordon also comes with two different expression.
SH_0073 SH_0074

Road Barrier
Since these barriers do not have any functions, one picture is enough. The details need to be added with the stickers that are included in this set. Otherwise it will just be a blank yellow tile.

The Bat
I think a lot of us is disappointed with this set, although this is one iconic vehicle in The Dark Knight Rises, the design of this Bat is just bad and is very much downsize which makes a lot of us unhappy. The design are not that accurate too. Anyway, to completest will just bought it anyway.
SH_0077 SH_0078 SH_0079 SH_0080

The cockpit was big enough to fit two minifigs, just like the movie where it can fit Catwoman and Batman in it. The windscreen can be open and close and that made it into one playability. The downside is that the windscreen are way too different from the movie version. There is also a printed parts that work as the controller for the Bat.
SH_0081 SH_0082

There are thruster on both side of the bat and on each side of those thruster are equipped with a cannon and a flick fire missiles. I would not said there are any playability that are special, and if you are looking for playability, I would suggest you #76000 Arctic Batman vs. Mr. Freeze: Aquaman on Ice.
SH_0084 SH_0085 SH_0086

While TLG trying to make the Bat as accurate as possible they added the drone arm at the back of it to create some texture to the ship. There are also spinnining blade at both the side at the back of the Bat. Other than that, there is also a rope that are use to carry the nuclear bomb, but in this case, it was used to save Commissioner Gordon. The rope get detached easily too.

Tumbler (Camouflage Version)
I assume this is the camouflage version of tumbler since it is tan in colour. Too bad there is no brown patches and compare with the previous tumbler, this tumbler are really small. To add decoration to the tumbler, you will have to use the sticker that are provided in this set, otherwise it will look as plain as what you see here. Not recommended to use the sticker if you are going to tear this apart and put in your brick box for MOC.
SH_0090 SH_0091 SH_0092 SH_0093

The hatch or roof of the tumbler can be open and close. This is the only way for you to put Bane into the driver seat. The cockpit is quite small and fit only one minifigs, way different from previous tumbler right? Anyway, saw some MOC from the HKLUG, and that looks way better than this.
SH_0094 SH_0095 SH_0096

Lastly, the flick-fire missiles that are hidden at the back of the Tumbler. Just move the two wings up to revealed the missiles before flick it off. I guess that is pretty much all about the playability that this set provides.
SH_0097 SH_0098 SH_0099

Extra pieces
Here are the parts that are leftover after the assembling process.

Completed model
I will not said this is a good set to own, I personally bought it for the minifigs, the Bat is disappointing while the tumbler I still can tolerate it, although the design is way off. It was priced at MYR210 here, and if you are looking for playability, this set is not recommended.

Playability: 4/10 Flick-fire missiles and that's it.
Building experience: 4/10 Due to the design of the Bat that turn me off, I just cannot enjoy the building process.
Parts: 4/10 Not much of a rare parts here.
Value for money: 4/10 Looking at such playability and design, is just not worth your money.
Overall: 4/10 The minifigs is what I'm looking for while the rest seems disappointing to me.