Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LEGO Star Wars #7929 The Battle of Naboo Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: The Battle of Naboo
S/N: #7929
Year: 2011
Pieces: 241
Minifig: 12
Price: RM149.90, SGD60.90, USD24.99, GBP25.99
The box art shows the Gungan fighting against the Battle Droid that invades Nabooo and it also shows the minifigs that comes with the set. The top side of the box shows the Jar Jar Binks in his 1:1 scale and the back of the box shows the playability of the set and advertisement of the other Star Wars set.
_MG_2707 _MG_2708 _MG_2709
The set comes with three seal bags of bricks and a instruction booklet. Also the head of the Gungan are packed in plastic bag as well and the new head are just great.

_MG_2710 _MG_2711 _MG_2837

If you plan to build the carrier by yourself, just go HERE to grab the instruction.

I love the the new translucent shield, they look so good and this make it look more alike with the one that are used in the movie. Also we get a lot of short blaster.


The Battle Droid are nothing new, but the Pilot Droid have a new torso which are printed. Anyway, the droids are not the main focus here. The new Gungan minifigs is the main focus here whereby they get a new head which are much more detail.


The new printed head of the Gungan definitely looks better than the old ones, and well the new head do help to recognize which is which character rather than only differentiating them by using their torso.

_MG_2856 _MG_2858

Droid Carrier Transport
The new carrier looks good too but there is definitely room for improvement. Although it comes with a rack and the rack is detachable from the transport, I wish it can deploy the Battle Droids like it does in the movie. Anyway, I still like it.

_MG_2797 _MG_2800 _MG_2802 _MG_2805

The cockpit is at the front and there are two controller for the Pilot Droid to pilot the carrier. There is another compartment at the back to place another Pilot Droid, or is it suppose to be a place for the Commander Droid to command the Battle Droid.

_MG_2815 _MG_2818 _MG_2841

The rack which I said is detachable is actually hold by a clipper and for my case, it really hold, the grip is very tight and I face hard times detaching it sometimes fearing that I will crush the rack if I were to pulled too with all my strength. You get a lot of 2x4 tiles to hold the blasters and they are placed right beside the Battle Droid.

_MG_2819 _MG_2820 _MG_2824

I guess by deploying the Battle Droid means removing the plate from the rack.

_MG_2843 _MG_2845

I snap a picture of the carrier with all the droids on it and I feel that I do looks good.

Extra pieces
Picture below shown some extra parts that are left by this set.


Completed model
There are a lot of brown element in this set and of course there are a lot of Battle Droid, which is a good news for the Separatist lover and is actually a good set fro building the droid army after the Droid Battle Pack that were released four years ago. The carrier is not that bad looking as well and  personally think is worth getting.


Playability: 4/10 The playability that comes with this set is the detachable rack and plate from the rack.
Building experience: 5/10 I actually look forward for the rack and the playabilty and is quite fun to learn new things.
Parts:6/10 A lot of parts, nice accessories, a lot of brown parts.
Value for money: 5/10 Considering the new minifigs and amount of parts given, I think is not bad at all.
Overall: 5/10A good set to build droid army and also to get the Gungan, a lot of accessories included too.

Friday, August 26, 2011

LEGO Star Wars #7959 Geonosian Starfighter Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: Geonosian Starfighter
S/N: #7959
Year: 2011
Pieces: 155
Minifig: 3
Price: RM254.90, SGD79.90, USD29.99, GBP29.99

The front of the box shows a nice box art of this set, and also the serial number, name of the set and the minifigs that comes from this set. On the top side of the box, it shows all the three minifigs in their actual scale while the back of the box shows the playability of the fighter and pictures of other Star Wars sets.

#7959 box
#7959 box1 #7959 box2

The content of this set is not much, just three bags of bricks which you can see each of the bags have a just a few parts, an instruction book and two slope parts that are not pack inside the plastic bag.

#7959 content #7959 content 1

Just in case you are interested to look through the instruction book, please click HERE.

Moving to the accessories that are for the use of the minifigs, I feel that it is too few, since most of the set also include us with a number of accessories while this one only a lightsaber? Also that two guns from ARC accessories. How I wish the Geonosian have a weapon to carry too.


We get Commander Cody here, which used to be only in Republic Attack Gunship (#7676), this one has no different with the one from the Gunship. The good part of this set is that there are two new minifigs, the improved version (and at the same time lacking) Geonosian, and also Ki-Adi-Mundi which helps to make your collection on the Jedi to be more complete.

#7959 minifigs #7959 minifigs1

The Geonosian is just great just lacking of wings, while Ki-Adi-Mundi looks ugly in his Clone Wars version and Commander Cody still have the common clone head.

Geonosian Starfighter
I do face some hardship snapping pictures of this vehicle. Not sure why the color have effect on the lightning that my camera receive. Anyway, the ship do improve in the design, but it sure is built with so little pieces of bricks. It do have some playbility and a cockpit which fits a Geonosian.

IMG_3233 IMG_3234 IMG_3236 IMG_3241

First of all, we have this windscreen that you are able to open it up and place a Geonosian into a cockpit instead of removing the whole windscreen. I like it when it can open and close as it seems a bit imperfect to me if I were to need to remove the windscreen to seat a pilot.

IMG_3290 IMG_3291 IMG_3293

The cockpit do have a little detail, and I mean it, which is a piece of printed tile plate with button design on it. Also, the surface of the cockpit are smooth and the Geonosian are not attach to the seat. Probably due to the small shallow cockpit but a tall pilot. The Geonosian fits very well and it hardly move inside the cockpit when you swoosh around.


Under this quick fighter is a compartment where you can drop a missile, but  most of the time this missiles get stuck and cannot be release. It do malfunction in my case, maybe because of the parts.

IMG_3301 IMG_3302 IMG_3303

The last playability, which seems to be normal and not much tricks are needed is the adjustable front laser cannon. You can push them to either left or right and that's it. It cannot move upward or downward just left and right.

IMG_3304 IMG_3305

Extra piece
I got shock to see only one extra piece left after I assemble this whole fighter. I rarely meet a set that have one extra part especially a set of this size. Is normal to see battle pack have a few extra part or none at all but not this one. Thanks to all the big big pieces that made this fighter.

#7959 extra pieces

Completed model
If you are someone whole like to stage a battle between the Republic and the Geonosian, you might want to own a few of this as the design are not bad. The downside of this set is that there are too few pieces which makes it pricey.

#7959 completed model

Playability: 4/10 The only playability that got my attention is the bomb dropping function.
Building experience: 4/10 The step are somehow alike, just a few step that are different.
Parts:4/10 Very few in quantity and got no rare pieces.
Value for money: 2/10 I would say is pricey looking at the piece count, but I wonder if the two new minifigs can make up for the price.
Overall: 3/10 Pricey, few pieces, few accessories, terrible playabiliy, but nice design and minifigs.