Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean #4182 The Cannibal Escape Review

Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean
Name: The Cannibal Escape
S/N: #4182
Year: 2011
Pieces: 279
Minifig: 4
Price: RM179.90, SGD79.90, USD29.99, GBP26.99

The front shows the set with a nicely decorated background and the minifigs that comes with the set. The top side of the box shows the actual scale of the minifigs while the back of the box the playability that this playset has.

_MG_1869 _MG_1877

Inside the box are three bags of bricks and a bag of instruction booklet and poster. The instruction booklet and poster are very well protected. However, I think only LEGO Technic Super Car and this theme got their instructions and stickers protected while the rest of the theme like Star Wars still unprotected.

_MG_1896 _MG_1909 _MG_1898

The set comes two spears for the cannibals, two sword for Jack and Will, a bottle and a compass. Also there is this new bag which the criminals in City use, but I didn't include it in this picture.


We get two color snake, a red and a green one and a new parrot which looks quite ugly (the old school parrot are very well printed and beautiful since it got a lot of color on it).


The four minifigs got both side of their torso printed. The cannibals and Jack Sparrow got their leg printed as well. Furthermore, Jack and Will got two expression printed on their head. Finally, the minifigs is GREAT!

_MG_2017 _MG_2023

The two expression that the two heroes got. . .

_MG_2025 _MG_2026

Roasting Pit
Is rather a simple build, you can spin the bar to roast the minifigs. So this small things here do got playability which might be appealing to the kids. Only if this things easily get unattached, then we can create the scene where Jack is running for his life.

_MG_2031 _MG_2032 _MG_2033

Chief's Throne
Get a printed tiles here, which is a good thing. The throne are neatly design although I've forget how it looks like in the movie.

_MG_2052 _MG_2055 _MG_2057

The soon to be roasted Jack on the throne. . .


Cannibal Hut
I'm not really impress with the hut as it do not look like one, but more like a tree house to me. However, the color is very well mixed together. There is a playability install into this hut, which is raise and lower the bone cage. The interior got only a crate to place your accessories like bottle and sword and a bag that you put a brick-built spice can. Below are pictures of the taken from different angle.

_MG_2085 _MG_2110 _MG_2097 _MG_2102

Now to the playability, which is raise and lower the bone cage that you use to keep Will Turner. The bone cage is attached to a chain instead of root. In the movie this thing is rather big and was attached somewhere at a deadly cliff.

_MG_2111 _MG_2113

Now focusing on the bone cage, the thing is rather flimsy as the bone is only attached with clippers. As a result, if you put a little bit more pressure, the bone will move inward. There is also this door which can be open and close.

_MG_2117 _MG_2119

The cage is big enough for Will Turner to stand inside it instead of sitting. . .


Extra pieces
I suppose these are the extra pieces left after we done assembling the thing.


Completed model
This set is actually not bad considering all the rare parts that you can get, especially the big bone piece and some accessories. Maybe you can buy a few of this to build a tree house. The heroic duo are making a run for their life. . .


Playability: 7/10 There are a few of playability that comes with it though is simple one.
Building experience: 6/10 Quite easy to build, not so complicated.
Parts:8/10 Quite a number of new parts are included here.
Value for money: 5/10 The price here is a bit steep.
Overall: 6/10 If you are a fans of PotC, then you just have to collect them all.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

LEGO Toy Story #7594 Woody's Roundup! Review

Theme: Toy Story
Name: Woody's Roundup!
S/N: #7594
Year: 2010
Pieces: 502
Minifig: 4
Price: RM299.90, SGD125.90, USD49.99, GBP40.99

As usual, the front of the box art shows the set itself with a nice background while the top shows all the minifigs in their actual scale. The back of the box show us the playability of this set, especially the prison and the mine, and the minifigs included in this set.

_MG_1761 _MG_1766

The sets comes with two instruction books, a sticker sheet, four pieces of base plate, a separately packed minifigs, and four numbered bags of bricks.

_MG_1778 _MG_1774 _MG_1781

If you wish to flip through the instructions, here's the link: Book1 / Book2

This set comes with a lot of accessories and it sure have a lot of dynamite. I think the accessories that comes with this set are great and I love them very much.


We get Bullseye, Woody, Jessie and Stinky Pete. Woodie and Jessie have extra long hands and legs and all their head are customized, the hat is stick to them. You can see from the picture that Woody and Stinky Pete got both side of their torso printed.

_MG_1838 _MG_1840

Also, Bullseye got movable leg, but the both leg are paired together. Below is the picture of Bullseye at the maximum stretch:

_MG_1841 _MG_1843

Cactus & Water Container
Here are some quick build items, which is a very simple thing and just to add something for you to display with the prison if you are displaying them.

_MG_1796 _MG_1795

The gold mine is built with a few piece (how I wish there is a rail for moving the gold), but there is a trap built in, whereby you take some the round part and put it into the hole above so it can fall, but the round brick might get stuck sometimes.

_MG_1784 _MG_1788 _MG_1789 _MG_1790

Here's a shot of how the trap works. . .


Sheriff's Office
I'm not sure what should I address this building, a sheriff office and the prison perhaps? But anyway, it's quite empty and it do looks blank without the stickers on.

_MG_1802 _MG_1806 _MG_1808 _MG_1809

We get a few features over here, first which is the entrance to the sheriff's office which are working, open and close, and it fits Woody the tall sheriff.

_MG_1811 _MG_1812 _MG_1813

The interior is very empty as there is only a table, no chairs, no nothing. Woody seems poor, there is only a small table in his office, he must be a good sheriff that do not take bribes. Poor guy. . .


On the upper level of the office, there is this safe which can be open and close, it seems like he is not that "clean" after all. The safe only have 300 dollars though. It must be his saving. . .

_MG_1819 _MG_1818

The prison door are not the one where there is a key hole for you to put a key in and open the door.

_MG_1823 _MG_1822

The prison wall can be knock down by turning the bar at the side of the wall. It seems like the prison wall can be destroyed easily, and that is why Stinky Pete keep on escaping over and over again. Maybe Woody did that on purpose so he got a job to do.

_MG_1825 _MG_1826 _MG_1827

Finally, the sheriff office seems too old until the plank on the walkway can come off easily hence making it a catapult to send Stinky Peta far far away. It works very well, seriously.

_MG_1828 _MG_1829 _MG_1830

Extra pieces
Here's some extra pieces left after we are done assembling it.


Completed model
I actually bought this set for the minifigs, seems like you do not have to collect all the sets to have all the character, but you still need to buy most of the set. I do say that this set have a good accessories, building process wise is a bit bored and it is full of brown bricks.


Playability: 5/10 I don't really like the playability, as it is the same playability that we can get from castle set.
Building experience: 4/10 I feel sleepy building this set, not much of a hype to get it done quick.
Parts:6/10 If you need a lot of brown part for your western theme, this is the set.
Value for money: 6/10 It was RM410 when released, but after that, the price fall, but still expensive.
Overall: 5/10 I get the set just for the minifigs and I mean it. But thanks to my friend I'm able to acquire it cheap.