Monday, June 21, 2010

LEGO Star Wars #8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser
S/N: #8039
Year: 2009
Pieces: 1170
Minifig: 5
Price: RM749.90, SGD289.90, USD119.99, GBP99.99

There are two kind of box, whereby the one open at the side and the one that open up. The front of the box shows us the Venator together with the minifigs on the right bottom of the box while the top of the box shows us the actual scale of the minifigs. As for the back, the functions is shown together with some other set pictures.

box box1 box2

Since they are so many of them, I'll break it into two pictures. This set comes with 15 pack of bricks, two instruction book and a sticker sheet were included.

cntnt cntnt1
cntnt3 cntnt4

Most of the detail on the ship is from sticker. To read the instruction book, please click the follwing link: Book1 / Book2

Two E-5 blaster rifle is included and an Death Star hologram which is printed on a translucent red head stud. Both front and back are printed differently.


On the other hand, here's Palpatine's belongings which is packed separately:

IMG_8675 IMG_8680

There is five minifigs included in this set and they are the new Chancellor Palpatine, Senate Commandos, rare Clone Pilot and a very common Clone gunner. The Senate Commando and the Clones have the same face under the helmet although they are not clones.

IMG_8701 IMG_8703

Here's a line of helmet that we love:


Here's a close up shot with the Senate Commando which soon will become uncommon.

m-sc1 m-sc2 m-sc3

Escape Pod
Since this thing can be separated from the ship easily, will make a few shot of it first. The details are added with sticker on one side only and here's the pictures:

v-escppd1 v-escppd2 v-escppd3 v-escppd4

Here's the last picture of the escape pod where it is opened. Too bad the round plate are not printed or else it would have looks better.


Is a first time I encounter such a small cockpit for such a big ship as the height of the cockpit just fit the Clone Pilot's height in sitting position. Like the escape pod, this thing is not attached on bricks but rather is place on technic beam, But is very sturdy and won't fall off easily.

v-cckpt1 v-cckpt2 v-cckpt3

Here the monitor which is a sticker too and also a picture of Clone Pilot in the cockpit:

v-cckpt4 v-cckpt5

Is such a pity that the Clone Pilot need to sit that way. . .

Now to the Venator, I would say the exterior of this ship looks fine although is not that detail enough. All I can say to the exterior is cool and here's the picture from different angle:

v1 v2 v3 v4

Although beside those bunch of engine are not properly patch up with and we are able to see the inside but is still looks good at the front. Guess this is the only flaws on the design of this nice ship.

In the next post, I will try to go as much detail as possible regarding the functions of this ship.

LEGO Star Wars #8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser Review - Part 2

I will start explaining from the of front the ship to the rear of the ship. So what's under the hood of this ship?


Here's the view of the Chancellor Palpatine's office under the big hood of the ship although it suppose to be a hangar. Many details are added with stickers especially the button on the table, the red carpet and some wall decoration.

IMG_9197 IMG_9193

The chair is rotatable.

There is a secret compartment behind this evil Chancellor Palpatine where he keep the Death Star hologram in a crate and place the crate there:

IMG_9200 IMG_9202 IMG_9203

Here's the front dual-blaster cannon which is placed on both side of the ship. It is adjustable but not rotatable:

v- frnt cnnn v- frnt cnnn1

While here's the four dual-blaster cannon on the side of the bridge which is use to attack Vulture Droid and also the Invisible Hand. It is rotatable and adjustable although is a bit lousy, but is a great add-on detail.

v- cnnn v- cnnn1

Here's the bridge where LEGO have downsize them:

v- brdg

In between the bridge are the cockpit and a retractable bar for you to carry the ship around:

v- crry br v- crry br1 v- crry br2

The cockpit will reveal itself when you pull the bar out.

The middle part is where the bomb dropping mechanism is placed. On the other side, there will be a bar for you to twist.

v-bmbdb v-bmbdb1

This thing is not attached to the ship but rather is placed in the ship only.

Here's the bomb storage box which can store up to five bomb with the bomb-dropping mechanism:


How's the mechanism work? Look below:

v-bmbdm1 v-bmbdm2 v-bmbdm3

The bomb fits in between the hole of two tooth, and when you twist the bar it brings the bomb down. However, the bomb sometimes get stuck above. The designer did a great job to hide the red technic pin but not the bar.

Here's a close shot of the bomb:

While at the back of the ship is the giant blaster cannon, manned by Clone Gunner together with two flick-fire missile:

v-cnnblstr v-cnnblstr1 v-cnnblstr2

With a sliding function, we can hide it under the ship. However, is quite sad that we have to move both the upper and lower wing to reveal this cannon. But I like he sliding function.

This is how it looks like under the cockpit:


So, in order to turn the cannon, you must make sure that the base touches the bricks of the lower wing.

v-cnnblstr5 v-cnnblstr4

And we are ready to blast 'em! The hand of the gunner have to been placed properly so that it can fit into the seat.


Now to the to rear part of the ship:
Looks at this detailed engine. . . but the gap of the wing beside is big. . .

v- prplsr

In between the big big engine are the escape pod bay, where escape pod is kept. Just open the door behind and release the pod.

v-escppdby1 v-escppdby2 v-escppdby3

Extra pieces
This set include very few extra parts. I mean the set is so big, but the extra parts are so few.


Completed model
For people who do not mind the interior of the set, this set is sure a must buy to complete your collection. But this set is not much of a disappointment since the exterior looks good.

cmplt mdl

Playability: 8/10 This ship is more focus on the detail itself rather than functions.
Design : 9/10 Hey, the exterior is good so do Palpatine's Office
Price : 6/10 Quite expensive here.
Overall: 7/10 Nice minifig, nice design, maybe need more fucntions.