Friday, December 18, 2009

LEGO Star Wars #7753 Pirate Tank

Theme: Star Wars
Name : Pirate Tank
S/N : #7753
Year : 2009
Pieces : 372
Minifig : 3
Price : RM299.90, SGD69.90, USD39.99, GBP31.29

LEGO Star Wars box art for the year is red and white as Lucas wanted and the front show us some minifig and the set itselt, while at the side show us the actual minifig scale for all three of them. While at the back of it show us their functions, some other sets picture. Below are the pictures of the box art:

box box 2 box 3

My box is damaged. T.T

Inside the box are five packs of bricks, a sticker sheet and an instruction booklet.

content instruction book stickers

Like any other new instruction book, there is a brick checklist. It also includes pictures of the functions and advertisement for the Star Wars theme. To download it, please click HERE.

Here's some weapon given for the minifigs. There is this Obi-Wan lightsaber with metallic hilt and two pistols and a sword which I don't think the pirates are actually using pistols and sword. (-_-")


We are given Obi-Wan (again) and two new pirates minifig. I guess this is the reason why some people are buying this set. The pirates got both side of their head printed so do their torso and Turk Falso are bald for a reason, which is to fit into the cockpit.

minifigs IMG_2469

Pirate Tank
I don't really like the pirate tank, the process of building it is a little boring and it's a little ugly. Below are the pictures from different angle (without sticker on):

IMG_2326 IMG_2320 IMG_2324 IMG_2329 IMG_2330 IMG_2346

Below it are wheels like Republic Fighter Tank (#7679) so that this tank can move and seem like floating.

The front got two flick fire missile, but there's no need for us to flick it, but instead we push a gray bricks and it will fire.

IMG_2332 IMG_2334

The front cannon can be turn up an down and swing it sideway. However, the pirate that control this cannon will have to stand as the space it is too narrow and too deep.

IMG_2337 IMG_2338

At the back of it have flick-fire missile too, this time we really need to flick it and the one at the back is adjustable, shoot high or shoot it a little low.

IMG_2340 IMG_2341

Here's the cockpit of the pirate tank. It is very very empty, no controller, no monitor, no seat, and here's the picture:


When you push the black piece in between the flick-fire missiles and roof back there, it will higher up the seat and the pin will push the side open. That's how the thing works.

IMG_2343 IMG_2345

Here's the engine:

IMG_2351 IMG_2353 IMG_2352

Extra pieces
Here's the extra pieces that left and it includes some accessories which I think is pretty good.

extra pieces

Completed model
This is the whole thing after you combine all the 372 pieces of bricks together.

completed model

Playability: 8/10 Nice playability, especially the blowing-up cockpit and push fire mechanism.
Design : 6/10 Not really like the design of the tank, maybe because it seems long and empty.
Price : 4/10 The price here is over priced.
Overall: 6/10 Nice minifig and playability, but an expensive stuff.

LEGO CITY #7634 Tractor

Theme: City
Name : Tractor
S/N : #7634
Year : 2009
Pieces : 78
Minifig : 1
Price : RM54.90, SGD20.50, USD12.99, GBP7.85

The front show us the tractor itself while the side shows us the actual minifig scale. As for the back it shows us the function of the vehicle and some other shot of the set.

box2 box3

The content are two packs of bricks (not much bricks inside of them though), a sticker sheet and an instruction book. There is not much stickers to add for the detail too, which is very good.

content instruction book sticker sheet

the instruction book contains a brick checklist and a little advertisement too. To download the instruction, please click HERE.

The minifig looks good and they have new outfit. The torso is printed on the both side, front and back adding detail to the minifig.
minifig minifig2

The tractor is very well design. I do not like it at first, but after assembling it, I find it nice and here I'm writing the review about it. It seriously is a nice set although it is quite simple to build. Below are some pictures of the tractor:

IMG_5355 IMG_5360 IMG_5366 IMG_5369

Here's the function of the tractor, the container at the back is movable, you can lowered it, or even adjust the container itselt to pour things out from it.

IMG_5374 IMG_5377 IMG_5375

To place the farmer at the wheel, we have to lift up the roof and even the windscreen. It's quite empty inside, no seat provided. Here's a shot inside it (sorry for the blurry picture, as I can't get my camera to focus inside =P):


Extra pieces
Here's the pieces left after we completed the set. They are all small bricks, which you might lose them easily.

extra pieces

Completed model
This is how the actual model looks like without the stickers on. It looks good even without the stickers on and a shovel is included too in this set. Forget to snap a picture of it. =)

completed model

Playability: 8/10 Consider a good function a small set have except the lifting up roof thing.
Design : 8/10 The tractor are well design, look a little real.
Price : 5/10 The price is quite pricey over here.
Overall: 7/10 A nice set that is well design and nice minifig.