Sunday, February 24, 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima #30251 Winzar's Pack Patrol Review

Theme: Legends of Chima
Name: Winzar's Pack Patrol
S/N: #30251
Year: 2013
Pieces: 38
Minifig: 1
Price: RM-, USD-, GBP-

The long wait to get this polybag set is finally over, it came a week ago but I am too busy to write a review or even play with it (I snap pictures for review during the play). The front of the polybag stated the name of the sets plus the number parts that comes with it. There is also a picture of Winzar to be introduced to the audience on right. This set does not have component that are made in China.
LOC_0025 LOC_0026

Picture below shows all of the content that is poured of from the polybag. Let's see what this bricks can made when they are combined together. Extra parts are shown in the pictures too.

Here's a CHI crystal that is provided in the set. Winzar finally manage to steal some CHI crystal from either the lion or the eagle tribe to power up there vehicle.

Winzar got one of his eyes blinded, since there is a scratched marks on it and it do not seems to be able to open the eye. He has two expression printed on his head piece, which IMO it looks ugly on both the side. His torso are printed on both side and his leg are printed too. The headgear is a new piece, which are highly detailed. There is a lot of printing on this headgear and sometimes the colour is a bit off. 
LOC_0030 LOC_0031 LOC_0032

Winzar's Sled
It do seems like something that moves on ice but in the polybag, it shows that it moves on water. Since there is no way of getting the name through LEGO description I just gave it a name. The 30 plus parts actually made this thing out, and it do looks like a wolf head. With a limited amount of parts to create this, I would say it is impressive.

Extra pieces
There are two piece leftover after the assembling process. I love extra parts, it was like a bonus from the set. 

Completed model
Winzar actually appear in #70004 Wakz Pack Tracker and I a Speedorz set too. Right now to have this minifigs, the cheapest means is this polybag set. Nice set to own, all this small polybag set are really a good way to own some minifigs that you do not to intend to collect in a cheapest way possible.

Playability: 2/10 Is all based on the building process. No playability.
Building experience: 6/10 Interesting and quick build with some cool result.
Parts: 8/10 I see quite a number of nice parts here like the long bone and blades.
Value for money: 8/10 It actually cost lesser that the other two polybag I had reviewed.
Overall: 6/10 No idea why it cost lesser, but is a nice set unless you have the evil character.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

LEGO Legends of Chima #30250 Ewar's Acro Fighter Review

Theme: Legends of Chima
Name: Ewar's Acro Fighter
S/N: #30250
Year: 2013
Pieces: 33
Minifig: 1
Price: RM-, USD-, GBP-

Here's the other Legends of Chima polybag that I manage to get hold of although the price tag is not as good as the previous one, but since Ewar, the minifig, have some new elements on it, is worth a try. Like the one before, the front of the polybag has the name of the set print on it other than the part counts. The back are just words like all the other polybag but for your info, this polybag does not comes with any parts that are made in China.
LOC_0013 LOC_0014

The overall content is show in the below picture. There are new parts for the minifig such as wing and the armor and the eagle shaped headgear. An instruction sheet included too.

The CHI crystal is a common energy source for them and at the same time also the source of all the problem. It's common for them to give us one of this in the polybag. 

The first thought, this is a very unique minifig with wings and eagle head. It is just special. The leg are printed and the hip prints are a bit off to the side and cannot merge with the print on the torso correctly. I like torso are printed on both side and thanks to technology advancement we actually have a more detailed printed torso. Ewar has two expression printed too, but why an eagle need a goggle to fly?
LOC_0019 LOC_0020 LOC_0021

Acro Fighter
This fighter looks ugly to me, but is a polybag set, so is understandable as there is not much parts that are included to improve the build. At least this fighter take the shape of a bird, maybe an eagle.

Extra pieces
I'm not sure if I missed out any steps, or am I included with and extra, extra part. But this is what I have with me after I completed the models.

Completed model
No that there is no more spinner set, which is a very budget way to own these unique minifigs, the best option left are with the polybag. Although the Speedorz cost more when compare to the Ninjago Spinner, but the parts in the Speedorz increase as well. In short, the polybag are worth your money to get this unique minifig.

Playability: 2/10 No playability at all.
Building experience: 4/10 Nothing new or to be happy about.
Parts: 6/10 Have a few cool new part parts, especially the minifig.
Value for money: 6/10 Still the cheapest way to own the minifig.
Overall: 4/10 The main attraction here is the minifig and the CHI crystal. The rest are junk.

LEGO Legends of Chima #30253 Leonidas' Jungle Dragster Review

Theme: Legends of Chima
Name:  Leonidas' Jungle Dragster
S/N: #30253
Year: 2013
Pieces: 30
Minifig: 1
Price: RM-, USD-, GBP-

Currently I am low on budget and only are able to focus on small polybag set. The Legends of Chima minifig are unique and so I give myself a try on the polybag. Here goes the first one,  Leonidas' Jungle Dragster. The front of the polybag has the serial number of the set, name of the set and parts count. The back shows you where the parts are from and other information about the company.
LOC_0001 LOC_0002

Below shows the number of bricks whereby the extras are included inside. Leonidas headgear is pack in a small bag. Comes with the bricks are an instruction sheet to guide you during the assembling process.

The set comes with one CHI crystal. The CHI crystal is a new part and I like it. You can get plenty in the Speedorz set. So if you like it, just grab the Speedorz set.

The only thing special about the minifigs from Legends of Chima is their animal like headgear. Here we have Leonidas. I am not sure what is his role in the cartoon, but the his face looks not so right. . . His torso are printed on both side and the leg are printed too. The print of the hip is a little low in quality. There are also two expression printed on his head. I got no idea how to comment on his expression, but look like he just wake up from his afternoon nap that kind of face.
LOC_0006 LOC_0007 LOC_0008

Jungle Dragster
There is some element that tries to bring out the lion element into this dragster. I do not feel it until I, myself assemble this dragster. The two blue rounded piece is the eyes. Maybe you will see it when you sees the picture.

Extra pieces
Two extra pieces were left after the assembling process and the blur round piece is attracting me.

Completed model
My thought? This is a good set although the polybag arts fails to attract the audience but the actual model looks good. If you like to have one or two minifigs from Legends of Chima, you can grab this one, but I recommend not to start it, as they are too attractive. You might end up getting the whole line.

Playability: 4/10 Moving wheels at least.
Building experience: 6/10 Surprise to see the vehicle a little resemble a lion.
Parts: 6/10 Not much of a valuable piece in here.
Value for money: 6/10 Worth getting, the cheapest way to own the minifig.
Overall: 5/10 I like everything here although not much playability and nice parts. But it turns out to be a nice set.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

LEGO The Hobbit #30212 Mirkwood Elf Scout Review

Theme: The Hobbit
Name: Mirkwood Elf Scout
S/N: #30212
Year: 2012
Pieces: 27
Minifig: 1
Price: RM-, USD4.99, GBP-

A lot of LOTR fans are actually seeking for Elf minifigs high and low, and we have this elf scout release by LEGO. The front of the polybag set shows you the picture of the completed model and together with the part counts and serial number. The back are just information printed in a lot of words.
TH_0001 TH_0002

The picture below pretty much shows what is contain inside the polybag and what's not. It appears that these parts are attractive to me. Maybe due to some accessories or the color that I hardly see. An instruction was given too.

We have a gem, a glass and a elven bow, not to mention the arrow that are attached to the minifig and the barrel that are use for display purpose.

We cannot tell he was a Elf since no elf hairpiece are given but hood are given instead. This is the only cons I see at the moment. The minifig are given two expression and the torso are printed on both front and back part of it.
TH_0006 TH_0007 TH_0008

Here's the tree and the barrel, no playability but nice for display. We even have mushroom growing beneath the tree. Part wise interesting too apart from the accessories.

Extra piece
Here is one small extra piece given in this polybag.

Completed model
My opinion, this small set is good to own and it was fun to build, maybe I'm in good mood that day. However, due the set name comes with the "elf" word, the set is very costly. But I think is worth it after you completed the whole model because of the minifigs and his accessories.

Playability: 3/10 No functions or playability in this set other than the building process.
Building experience: 5/10 Is fun to build and the result is not disappointing at all.
Parts: 8/10 Good parts to build tree are given.
Value for money: 4/10 Is a little pricey but is worth getting.
Overall: 5/10 Completist will have to get one, fans will have to get one too, and builder should get one too.

LEGO Lord of the Rings Elrond Review

Theme: Lord of the Rings
Name: Elrond
S/N: -
Year: 2012
Pieces: 6
Minifig: 1
Price: RM-, USD-, GBP-

The polybag is white in color itself and we cannot see through it. This minifigs is an exclusive gift that came with the game if you pre-order it. The front of the polybag comes with a code for you to unlock the character in the game. Other than that we have the parts count and the name of the set. The back are just some details about LEGO and the set itself.
LOTR_0001 LOTR_0002

Inside the polybag are six minifigs parts that you need to made Elrond. Nothing else was given. I am upset to see that the cape are not properly protected by the box and is a little damage (see the fold line on the left). Other than that the cape given are way shorter than the one shown on the polybag.

Here's a staff given to Elrond. No idea what is it called, but I think you can find it in The Hobbit playset. In other words, is not only in this set, you get it from The Hobbit playset if this minifig is expensive. Otherwise, Bricklink it.

It was an exclusive minifigs. The torso are made from pearl gold material and printed on the both site. The leg are printed too and I hope my hip are properly printed. In terms of the details of the minifig, it is great to me. The hairpiece are nice too and we have two expression printed on his head.
LOTR_0007 LOTR_0008 LOTR_0009

Completed model
Is an epic fail on the cape, too short and one more thing, with his long hair, it is impossible for us to not damaged the cape when you attached the hair onto the head. Anyway is a nice minifig, just that it is a bit pricey. For those that have consoles or love gaming, is best for you to buy the whole game.

Playability: -
Building experience: -
Parts: 8/10 Fully armed and fully printed.
Value for money: 2/10 I pay a lot for this minifig alone.
Overall: 5/10 Recommended to buy the game and enjoy the gaming experience and also the minifig.