Thursday, March 28, 2013

LEGO Super Heroes #76006 Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle Review

Theme: Super Heroes
Name: Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle
S/N: #76006
Year: 2013
Pieces: 195
Minifig: 3
Price: RM99.90, USD19.99, GBP19.99

I think this set will be a hit here because of the minifigs that comes with this set, Iron Man Mk42 and War Machine. So here's another review that I manage to get from the states. The front are printed with serial number, name and even introduction to the character on the bottom left. The top side of the box shows use Iron Man Mk42 in his actual scale while the back show us the playability that this playset provide.
SH_0031 SH_0032 SH_0033

We have two bags of bricks that are packed in this box. Since the detail on the ship are not printed, we have a piece of sticker sheet. There is also a comic book which compile all the story from the 3 sets, so I think all of the set have the same comic book. Last but not least and instruction book that guide you.
SH_0035 SH_0036 SH_0037

The set comes with two piece of accessories, a gun and a dynamite. Other that are not in picture are the translucent red and light blue part that are use by Iron Man and War Machine, since they are pretty much of a bricks.

What can I said, the Iron Man and War Machine is just awesome while Killain is just so so. No idea how The Mandarin and Extremis get together since they are separate entity in the comic. Here's some summary of the minifigs.

Starting with Aldrich Killian minifigs, his leg is not printed, probably is some formal wear which do not need any print. He wear a coat and there is a belt printed on the torso, while the back of his torso are printed with tow lines, so is counted as printed too. His head can glow in dark and the there are two expressions printed, one grumpy expression and one injured expression.

Iron Man Mk42 looks great too and this is the cheapest to own it. The gold paint are darker tone if compare to the previous Avengers version while the paint of the torso are quite shiny too. His torso are printed on both front and back. The printed leg looks pretty cool too.

War Machine is finally released, but is a new version of War Machine. The prints on the torso are quite detailed too and there are prints at the back too which is pretty nice as well. Too bad it was covered the piece that hold the cannon on his back. All the paint are a little shiny, especially the silver colour. Legs are nicely printed too and that really add details to the minifigs.
SH_0040 SH_0041 SH_0042

The buoy are added to add playability value. Sticker are needed to add a little detail on it, but I do not stick them on. The only playability here is the so-called exploded buoy, which you press hard on the grey tiles and it will push the top part of the buoy up.
SH_0043 SH_0044

The boat looks great, it have some empty compartment at the front and two missiles at the back. Suitable for City lover, you can use the boat for your city folks, just by removing the missiles. Also the boat is very spacious too and probably can fit a one or two more minifigs in it.
SH_0046 SH_0047 SH_0048 SH_0049

Here's the front compartment which is pretty spacious too. It can fit Iron Man but not War Machine, maybe due to his back pack. To reveal the compartment you must completely remove the hood, instead of open and close function.
SH_0050 SH_0051

Next is inside the boat, there is a steering available for Killian to control the boat. On the both side of the steering are clipper that are use to hold his gun and dynamite. Seems like a very useful clipper and logic since it made his weapon reachable.
SH_0052 SH_0053

Now at the back of the boat there are two missiles but this time they way of releasing the missiles is a little different since you do not need to flick it but instead push the lever at the back of the boat down and the missiles will came off automatically.
SH_0054 SH_0055 SH_0056

The lever are divided to both side, you can launch one missiles too and the other one later. The missiles will keep the lever up all time, and down when released since there are no support. It flies quite far and will not land on the boat itself.
SH_0057 SH_0058

Extra pieces
There are quite a number of extra pieces included in this set too.

Completed model
My advise, get the set even if you are not super heroes fans. Why? The ship can use in your city and it blends pretty well with just a little tweak. The minifigs are awesome and a couple of rare parts, well spent money I would say.

Playability: 6/10 Exploding buoy and missiles and hidden compartment.
Building experience: 6/10 The final model are nice, nice to build.
Parts: 4/10 A lot of extra parts, and there is long slope part.
Value for money: 8/10 This set is fairly priced due to the reason that people are selling both Mark 42 and War Machine at around MYR50 each.
Overall: 5/10 Nice figs and nice boat.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LEGO Super Heroes #76008 Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown Review

Theme: Super Heroes
Name: Iron Man vs. The Mandarin: Ultimate Showdown
S/N: #76008
Year: 2013
Pieces: 91
Minifig: 2
Price: RM-, USD12.99, GBP11.99

Iron Man movie are coming soon, while the set already been released in some countries but not here, maybe going to hit out shore soon. The set seems ugly, but oh well, let's give it a review first. The front of the box are printed with serial number, name and the number of pieces since I get US version, while the top side shows you the Heartbreaker armor in actual scale. The back are trying to show the playability of this set.
SH_0000 SH_0001 SH_0002

I recall I read somewhere, an article, where they said LEGO are reducing the size of the box, good and bad. The small box here contains two bags of parts, a hose and an instruction booklet.
SH_0003 SH_0004

There is a gun given for the Mandarin, so far I see most of the minifigs are using this kind of gun in Super Heroes Universe, namely Deadpool, Gordon, Killain and Mandarin.

This is what I'm after all this while and finally I get them. There is nothing special about Mandarin, since the beard and hair is not something new, his outfit somewhat looks like a cowboy like outfit with a little taste of military to me, printed on the front and back. He comes with two different expression too.
Iron Man on the other hand is a little inaccurate especially the helmet, which the same mold are being use just added with some paint and it makes it far from accurate if were to compare to movie version. The gold paint are darker too if were to compare with Avengers version. The torso are nicely printed on both front and back and the silver and gold pain is a little glossy too. His leg are printed too.
SH_0007 SH_0008 SH_0009

The Mandarin's Armored Car
In the cartoon, the Mandarin are not wearing armor, so, this movie probably will not have any armored enemy. His most powerful weapons are the dragon summoned by the rings (that is what I heard from my friend), maybe that is why in the movie they come out with armored flame thrower car that is ugly.
SH_0011 SH_0014 SH_0015 SH_0016

The car does come with a steering for Mandarin to control and although this is a small car, there are enough space to fit the long beard Mandarin. Mandarin fit into the seat very well.
SH_0017 SH_0018

There are clippers on both side of the cars and I got no idea what is that light, maybe is just a spotlight on the left, that is use to decorate the armored car while on the right, the clipper are made to hold the Mandarin's gun. Did he need a gun? I think his rings are sufficient.
SH_0019 SH_0020

The armored car playability, maybe the whole playset playability are all in this one long thing. This flame thrower here are rotatable, adjustable and even the flick fire missiles are installed on it.
SH_0021 SH_0022

I think there is a limit to adjusting this thing when the Mandarin are drive this armored car. While for the hose, it was attached to some movable part, which I think is a good idea. With this method use when you adjust the flame thrower, the hose will not came off that easily. Something to be praised.
Just in case the flame thrower are at the lowest point being adjusted, you can adjusted the tip of the flame thrower in both up and down direction. Maybe you can barbeque your Mandarin too. :)
SH_0024 SH_0025

Here's the two flick-fire missiles or maybe fire ball in a stick and cone shape. I guess this is one of the best  and the only way that they can signify it, otherwise a whole chunky mechanism will be needed which might turn out to be too heavy and are not able to support by the clips.
SH_0026 SH_0027 SH_0028

Extra pieces
I'm surprise to see we have extra rounded translucent blue parts (use as the booster) include as our extra.

Completed model
Although the armored car are small and ugly, but I would say is a good set as the parts might be useful though not many that I like. Both the minifigs are attractive and Iron Man do stand out too, just that the helmet that is wrong. Overall this are affordable set, just don't miss it especially if you are Iron Man fans.

Playability: 6/10 Small but at least there are a number of different functions
Building experience: 6/10Fun and quick build and suitable for children, though the outcome are not that impressing.
Parts: 6/10 Like the translucent parts, but you have the slope grill parts in dark green and hose.
Value for money: -/10 I estimated 70MYR for this set, which I think is reasonble before and after 10% discount.
Overall: 6/10 Nice figs, ugly car, with some nice parts.