Friday, July 16, 2010

LEGO Power Miners #8188 Fire Blaster Review

Theme: Power Miners
Name: Fire Blaster
S/N: #8188
Year: 2010
Pieces: 67
Minifig: 2
Price: RM59.90, SGD19.90, USD9.99, GBP6.99

The box is very thick which is good as you can fit the whole model in after dismantle the wheel. The side shows us the name of the magma monster and the actual scale of it. As for the back, it shows us the function again.

IMG_9505 IMG_9506 IMG_9514

What we have for the content are two pack of bricks, a separately pack magma monster, a tube, a sticker sheet and an instruction booklet.

IMG_5057 IMG_5511 IMG_5061

To download the instruction, please click HERE.

This set include us with a neon green crystal and a dynamite, but dynamite was used as flick-fire stuff, so I didn't post it here.


We got Combustix the new magma monster and a miner. Combustix seriously looks good and I like it a lot. Just like the old monster, the mouth can open widely and take in dynamite or even crystal.

IMG_5486 IMG_5496

As for the miner, he got both side of his torso printed and the leg are printed too. He also have double expression.

IMG_5482 IMG_5497

They actually done a good job on the minifigs and I prefer the new miners and monster over the old one.

Fire Blaster
I would say the design of this vehicle is very nice. The designer has done a good job after they design badly for the second wave.

IMG_5446 IMG_5451 IMG_5455 IMG_5460 IMG_5464

The cockpit can be open to place the minifig inside although there is no windscreen and are pretty much danger when it encounter the magma monster.

IMG_5500 IMG_5501

While on the right of the vehicle are the dynamite launcher.

IMG_5505 IMG_5507

Extra pieces
This set provide us with a lot of extra pieces too since there are a number of small parts needed in this set.


Completed model
I would say this is one good looking vehicle and the designer has done a great job in making this theme interesting again.


Playability: 6/10 Flick-fire again.
Design : 10/10 The design of the vehicles indeed very attractive.
Price : 6/10 Is quite an expensive set looking at the currency exchange rate.
Overall: 7/10 Nice vehicle, nice minifigs, everything is just right.

LEGO Space Police III #5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy Review

Theme: Space Police III
Name: Freeze Ray Frenzy
S/N: #5970
Year: 2009
Pieces: 80
Minifig: 2
Price: RM59.90, SGD-, USD9.99, GBP8.99

The box sure is bigger compare to the recent release of the set that have almost the same piece count, but is a good thing since it fits everything inside after you assemble them. At the side of the box have the actual minifig scale shown and pictures of the minifigs while the back of the box shown the function of the set.

IMG_0339 IMG_0345 IMG_0349

For the content, we get two pack of bricks, a loose bricks, a sticker sheet and an instruction booklet. Below is the picture:

IMG_0358 IMG_0362 IMG_0361

To download the instruction, please click HERE.

Since there is no accessories in this set, we go to the minifigs. Both the minifigs, Kranxx and Space Police officer have both side of their torso printed. In addition, their leg are printed too. Below are the pictures:

IMG_0416 IMG_0418

Traffic Light and Stop Sign
The traffic light is nice and if you like it, you can MOD it for four ways traffic. I didn't apply the stickers, so the stop sign is actually an empty sign.


Police Ray Bike
Well this is the name TLG gave to it. It features flick-fire missile with it. Below are the pictures from different angle:

IMG_0384 IMG_0386 IMG_0389 IMG_0391 IMG_0394

I would have to say is pretty hard to fit the space police officer on his ray bike.


So here's the flick-fire functions at the front of the ray bike.

IMG_0395 IMG_0398

Hotrod Hover Cycle
This is Kranxx vehicle and I like the fire a lot and i think the cycle is just average. But it do made out of interesting parts.

IMG_0614 IMG_0618 IMG_0406 IMG_0627 IMG_0632

So here's Kraxx with his hotrod cycle. There is not much functions with this cycle except adjustable handle.


Extra pieces
We do get quite a number of extra piece from this set.


Completed model
So here's the overall view of the completed model.


Playability: 6/10 Flick-fire missiles again.
Design : 8/10 The design of the vehicles is still acceptable but I like the traffic light a lot.
Price : 6/10 Is quite an expensive set looking at the currency exchange rate.
Overall: 7/10 Nice parts and nice minifigs.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LEGO Kingdoms #7955 Wizard Review

Theme: Kingdoms
Name: Wizard
S/N: #7955
Year: 2010
Pieces: 19
Minifig: 1
Price: RM17.90, SGD6.90, USD3.99, GBP2.99

The box art have a little changes, which is no longer have actual minifigs scale shown on the side while at the back are just words. Just ignore our local distributor sticker.

IMG_0257 IMG_0259 IMG_0261

Like any other impulse set, we get a pack of bricks and a instruction sheet. Below are the picture of content together with two pictures for the instruction:

IMG_0294 IMG_0296

The wizard have a scroll which is a printed part and a dragon statue. At least we have a printed part in this small impulse set.


The wizard minifig torso are not printed, is a blank dark green torso since his black beard will be covering it, but at least he got his leg and hat printed. See pictures below:

IMG_0315 IMG_0317

Scroll and Table
Although it is still include a table and a stand, but I still like them especially the scroll and dragon.


Extra pieces
We get two translucent extra pieces comes with this impulse set which is the cap for the potions.


Completed model
I personally thinks that this set is better than the Court Jester as there is at least some useful accessories included.


Playability: 5/10 No playability for an impulse set.
Design : 8/10 I quite like this set for the scroll and table.
Price : 6/10 Quite expensive as there is no accessories.
Overall: 7/10 If you wan more printed scroll and dragon, buy more of this.