Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LEGO Star Wars #8018 Armored Assault Tank (AAT) Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: Armored Assault Tank (AAT)
S/N: #8018
Year: 2009
Pieces: 407
Minifig: 7
Price: RM349.90, SGD-, USD49.99, GBP39.99

Since this is the set that release a more than a year ago, the box theme are different from the current one. The front of the box shows the battle on Christophsis while the top shows the minifigs quantity and scale. The back shows some functions possess by the Armored Assault Tank (AAT) and ads for the other set that is release on the same time.

box1 box2

The are six packet of bricks inside the box and as usual there will be a instruction book that comes with it and sticker sheet if needed to add on details. Below are the pictures:

Content instruction boook sticker

To download the instruction for AAT, please visit HERE.

The set comes with a E-5 blaster for the Clone Trooper and a green lightsaber for (cute) Yoda. The lightsabe hilt is metallic by the way.


There are a total of seven minifigs that comes with the AAT. The new minifigs here is Yoda and also the a new hand for all the Super Battle Droid which only this set has it until now. I just like all of them.

minifigs1 minifigs2 minifigs3

Yoda head are a little rubbery and below shows the new hand for the Super Battle Droid which I think it add variation to your Super Battle Droid collection.


Armored Assault Tank (AAT)
Actually the blue version of AAT is from the Clone Wars universe, but it does not matter to me as long as it is nicely design. Although there is some flaws in the set, but the designer has try their best to design it as accurate as possible.


The roof of the cockpit can be open to reveal the interior, which is cockpit.

Cockpit Cockpit1 Cockpit2

So here's the back of the cockpit where you can lower down the hatch, but it is to see the cockpit again since, the Battle Droids are irritating minifigs that is hard to fit on the bricks.

cockpit3 cockpit4 cockpit5

The cockpit for the AAT is actually a speeder that can be separated from the AAT. There is a clippers in the AAT cockpit to hold the speeder and this is an add-on from the designer to add playability to the set I suppose. I guess, this is when you should attach the Battle Droid.

Speeder Speeder1

Next to the hatch for the top cannon where there can be seated a Battle Droid to fire the cannon. You do not need to remove the Battle Droid from the seat to close the hatch but instead you can just fold the Battle Droid up and close the hatch.

cannon s. cannon s.1 cannon s.2

Its just an empty seat with no controller or monitor. But your Battle Droid can fit very well in it.

The cannon on top can be adjusted and rotate, however, the rotation is very limited, as there is a stud below blocking it to make full rotation. Sometimes the cannon also blocks the roof of cockpit when you try to open it wider.

cannon1 cannon3 cannon2

Now the the small dual cannon that is placed on the both side of AAT. It can be adjusted and it also happen to be a flick-fire missile. (==")

side cannon side cannon1 flickfire missile

Extra pieces
Here are the leftovers after assembling the AAT. Quite a lot actually.

extra pieces

Completed model
Besides the minifigs included in this set, I would say this is one nice model after the MTT although there are some flaws in it. But it is pretty much accurate when compared to the real design and it is a must have for the Separatist fans. Recommended to everyone.

completed model

Playability: 8/10 Not that bad, as there is a speeder that can be release from the AAT.
Design : 9/10 The AAT looks very good and well done!
Price : 4/10 Price is expensive here.
Overall: 7/10 Nice design, nice minifigs. Just the price that is not quite right.

Friday, October 22, 2010

LEGO Atlantis #8076 Deep Sea Striker Review

Theme: Atlantis
Name: Deep Sea Striker
S/N: #8076
Year: 2010
Pieces: 260
Minifig: 1
Price: RM129.90, SGD41.90, USD19.99, GBP19.99

First of all, my apologize for always using damaged box. The side of the box shows the actual scale of the Atlantis key while the back shows the the capability of the sea scorpion. Also there are no changes on the design of the box.

. .

There are four packet of bricks that comes in this set, an instruction booklet and also a sticker sheet which is use to decorate the sea scorpion. There are quite a number of parts that needs to be decorated with sticker.

. . .

To download the instruction, please visit HERE.

The set include us with a green Atlantis key with stingray printed on it and also comes with a pair of flippers for the use of the diver.


Like any other set, the key is pack separately in a small tiny plastic bag.

There is only one minifig that is included in this set, which is the diver and no sea creature. Is expected from Atlantis set, as much of the sets doesn't comes with a lot of figs.

. . . . .

The diver have two expression, smiley and fear I suppose.

Sea Scooter
The sea scooter is very small, however, surprisingly, it can stand by it own without any support from other bricks. I think this is well design by the designer.

. . . .

Guardian Scorpion
Actually I'm quite disappointed with this scorpion. The tail can hardly stand properly and once you bend it, it will just fall to the front, probably because I put is straight. I will further show the weakness in the review.

. . . .

First, we start of with the head of the guardian scorpion. The head just can't move is just there fix with technic pin and the only thing that can move is the jaw.

. . .

Next the snapping claws, both of them are movable and at the same time open and close to crush the diver and his "speedy" sea scooter. Hidden under the claw are two sharp razor.

. .

Here's the leg of the scorpion which again is stiff and not movable. There's playability is pretty much limited as the only capability of the scorpion are the jaw, snapping claws and stinging tail.


About the tail, you can adjust the height and also bend it. However, it falls to the front quite easily and causing the scorpion to lose its balance.


Extra pieces
Six tiny pieces are left after we done assembling everything.


Completed model
This is not a good set if you are looking for something cool and high playability, but you can buy for the parts or for the sake of completing your LEGO Atlantis collection.


Playability: 4/10 Not really satisfy with the function that comes with the playset.
Design : 4/10 I just hate the scorpion, it looks ugly while looks pretty nice in the box.
Price : 5/10 Price is somehow reasonable here.
Overall: 4/10 Bad design, low playability, nice parts.