Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LEGO Star Wars #8086 Droid Tri-Fighter

Theme: Star Wars
Name : Droid Tri-Fighter
S/N : #8086
Year : 2010
Pieces : 268
Minifig : 3
Price : RM194.90, SGD55.90, USD24.99, GBP24.99

The box art sure looks better now compare to the prelim image that we have seen. The front shows us the model with nice background while the side shows us the three Rocket Battle Droid scale together with their names while the back have some advertisement on the left and functions of the set.

box box1 box2

We get two packs of bricks while another two more inside a pack, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet. There’s quite a number of parts that needed to be added some detail and I got a pretty low quality stickers, the color is lighter at the bottom part. T.T Why am I so unlucky????

content instruction booklet sticker

To see or download the instruction, please visit HERE.

We get 3 short blasters from this set as we can only see those droids using the short one all the while in the series.


So we get two Rocket Battle Droids and one Rocket Droid Commander. I would say I’m lucky to get, well consider a nice printed Rocket Droid Commander although the printing is a little off.

minifig minifig1 minifig2

Their back pack sure is made of binocular, quite loose sometimes and may fall off easily if you are playing with it.

Droid Tri-Fighter
So here’s the main dish of this set, the Droid Tri Fighter. I would say I like it. We get new piece like 2x4 Tile. I would say it looks pretty good.

tdf1 tdf2 tdf3 tdf4

Here’s the center of the Droid Tri-Fighter which is a printed part. Very nice, but I suppose it was not meant to store Rocket Battle Droid but to store Buzz Droid. There’s a little mistake LEGO made, but Rocket Battle Droid looks better unless there is a new version of Buzz Droid.


While beneath this droid, there is two flick-fire missile, ready to fire at the target anytime. Below are the picture, together with the long missiles.

IMG_5428 missiles

By the way, we have to be very careful when attached the three fin together to the front part, as it is not so visible in the instruction book where the black connector have to bend inside. Maybe only me who miss it.


Extra pieces
Here’s what left when we finish up the whole thing. The extra pair of droid arms are for sure.

extra parts

Completed Model
I would say this Droid Tri-Fighter is pretty accurate with the design just that we need to add the detail with sticker by ourselves (that’s what LEGO do these days).


Playability: 6/10 There is not much thing to play with in this set.
Design : 9/10 I like it very much, maybe it is quite similar to what I’ve seen.
Price : 4/10 Which Star Wars set here in the local is not expensive?
Overall: 6/10 Only the fighter is nice, while the minifigs. . .