Sunday, February 20, 2011

LEGO Star Wars #8038 The Battle of Endor Review Part 1

Theme: Star Wars
Name: The Battle of Endor
S/N: #8038
Year: 2009
Pieces: 890
Minifig: 12
Price: RM559.90, SGD-, USD99.99, GBP84.99

Since is LEGO 10th anniversary for Star Wars, they use the classic theme. The front box shows the the rebel fighting with the imperial and also there is a stamp of 10th anniversary on the left. On the top of the box shows the actual minifigs scale of all minifigs together with their name and the back shows the playability of this set.

_MG_8102 _MG_8103

There are nine packet of bricks and each of them are numbered respectively. Also comes with two instruction books.

IMG_5839 IMG_5854 IMG_5866

To view the instruction book, please click on the respective link: Book 1 / Book 2

There are as much as eight blaster rifles (three long rifle and five short rifle) included, a spear and a bow. The staff are somehow bricks made.


12 minifigs are included and I would like to start from the Imperial army, Ewoks and finally the rebels. So this set have Scout Troopers which is not release for quite some time already and an Imperial Trooper which you can only get from Death Star. The back of their torso are not printed. The Scout Trooper head are black in color like the Clone Trooper (Phase 2).


Now to the Ewoks, I like the printing and their head are like the one of Chewbacca that comes with part of their torso. So their head are not rotatable.

_MG_7943 _MG_7947

And finally the rebel which have a few new pieces like torso and headgear for the rebel commando. Too bad their back pack is a bit let down. Both the rebel commando and Leia torso are printed on the back

_MG_7818 _MG_7824

The catapult have one function, which is firing function. At the back there are clips to hold a bow and a spear that is used by the Ewok.

_MG_7831 _MG_7833 _MG_7835

The glider is something special to this set, which I myself was attracted to buy it. Although it cannot be display alone (which is without minifig) but there is a function that the designer add in to it, which is the stone dropping function.

_MG_7912 _MG_7916 _MG_7920

I think the two round parts attached to the stand is to make the stone dropping effect just that they are placed too close with each other.


Speeder Bikes
There is not much changes in the design of the speeder bikes compare to the one we get from Republic Attack Gunship, but there is a slight changes. Since there is no functions install in the speeder bikes, there's only two pictures included.

_MG_7827 _MG_7829

The next part of the review will be on other post.

LEGO Star Wars #8038 The Battle of Endor Review Part 2

Now to the AT-ST, there are some functions in this AT-ST and the design do looks great but then the interior is somewhat lacking.

_MG_7840 _MG_7846 _MG_7847 _MG_7852 _MG_7850

Now to the playability, on the left are flick fire missile (designer favorite) while on the right is the cannon blasters decor which is adjustable. While at the lower front, there is a dual cannon blaster that can be adjust as well.

_MG_7853 _MG_7854 _MG_7858

The body of the AT-ST is rotatable, to left and right which add another point of articulation for the vehicle also can be said as a playability.

_MG_7855 _MG_7856 _MG_7857

As you can see from the picture above, there is this brown technic gear at the back of the AT-ST which will move the legs of the AT-ST when you twist it. The picture below also shows the detail of the AT-ST's leg.

_MG_7860 _MG_7859

Now, to the top hatch of AT-ST which you can open it in two ways which I think the first way is easier when you want to place a minifig in the cockpit. The cockpit is pretty much empty, only a seat were placed in it.

_MG_7861 _MG_7862 _MG_7866

While here's the other way which is for the use of the minifig to shows their head, especially when you want to display it with Chewbacca showing it's head and you can see there is a bar to support the minifig, but I'm careless to attached the hand onto the bar.

_MG_7869 _MG_7870

The bunker is have a few playability and the interior are neatly design as well although it comes without a roof and the wall might fall off easily as well since it is not attached to anything.

_MG_7873 _MG_7883 _MG_7882 _MG_7890

Now to the wall exploding functions, which you just need to press the round plate on the top of each side, and the suspension will push the wall out. There are four suspension pieces included in this set though.

_MG_7891 _MG_7892 _MG_7893

Now to the sliding door which I do not know why it can close shut. The first time is very well close but after that, the gap is getting wider. To get the door open, you just have to turn the two technic gear at the back of the wall.

_MG_7894 _MG_7897 _MG_7898

WE have some monitors and rotating seat right behind the doors. Also there are some place to hold the blasters rifle for the imperial and I'm not sure what is that four orange cone, but they are fit into the interior.

_MG_7900 _MG_7901 _MG_7902 _MG_7904

You can open up the bunker if you feel like it and I can tell you that when you fold the bunker the clippers hold very well which in other word it is tightly hold together and you don't have to worry it open up when you try to carry it.


Extra pieces
AS you can see from the picture below, there is a lot of extra parts that are leftover.


Completed model
I would say is a good set with a lot of minifigs, a well design AT-ST and a bunker with interior design. Not sure about the parts, but the glider is somewhat rare to me.


I'm trying to make the picture bigger and easy for viewing but it do makes the review longer means you have to scroll more.

Playability: 7/10 Not that bad, the designer is trying to give as much playability as possible
Design: 7/10 The set is a bit separated (the things inside is not placed under one baseplate)
Price:4/10 Is always pricey over here
Overall: 6/10 Good set to get minifigs and AT-ST, and glider as well (the motivation for me to get the set)