Friday, November 27, 2009

LEGO Power Miners #8962 Crystal King

Theme: Power Miners
Name : Crystal King
S/N : #8962
Year : 2009
Pieces : 168
Minifig : 2
Price : RM93.90, SGD33.90, USD19.99, GBP13.69

As usual, Power Miners is all about lime green and the little rock monster, but this year we got bigger one and of course the king as well. Two guys in the underground battling the crystal king looks just good to show the set. The side show us the minifig scale while the back is about the functions, although is nothing special.

#8962 box #8962 box1 #8962 box2

Inside the box are two packet of bricks, a separated pack of crystal king head and an instruction book. The good thing about this set is that it is sticker free! (^^)

#8962content #8962 content 2 IMG_0153

The instruction book contains bricks and set checklist, cool posters and of course advertisement for the whole line Power Miners theme. You can download it here.

Here are some interesting pieces, especially the new big head and the printed slope piece. They are just nice.


We got four trans-neon crystal piece included and a dynamite but the crystal will be attach to the crystal king later. (T_T) Hope LEGO will give more of them.


Two minifigs are included in this set. Both of the minifigs have both side of their torso printed, legs printed and of course both side of head with different expression printed. We got a visor included too.

IMG_0336 IMG_0340 IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0352

Here’s some driller pack to fight the crystal king, but I don’t think it able to hurt it. (-_-“) Poor thing, this guy have to carry it, he also loss his balance.

IMG_0200 IMG_0354

Crystal King
Here's the big guy, the crystal king. It looks pretty good to me, but there is flaw too which is the short leg he possess that lead to less articulation.

IMG_0223 IMG_0240 IMG_1605

Here's the big head of his, which is come molded, a new piece it is. The fun thing of this head is that the mouth is movable, more like jaws falling down when it opens too wide. LEGO include this guy a neck too, which makes it much more better.

IMG_0291 IMG_0293 IMG_1617

Here's the movable finger, but I prefer those drone than this clippers and also the short leg which have clips to support the base.

IMG_1636 IMG_1638

IMG_1641 IMG_0301

Here's some pose that the crystal king can do.
Shhhhhhhhh....... I'm thinking. (^^)


Extra pieces
Here's some extra pieces we get after finish assembling this monster.

Extra pieces

Completed model
Here's the completed model, the king and the two little people that try to attack him. Nice shot isn't it? (^^)

Playability: 8/10 Quite nice pose the crystal king can do.
Design : 8/10 The crystal king is pretty well design, except for the leg of course.
Price : 6/10 The price is average.
Overall: 7/10 A very nice set with cool design, but maybe kids can't afford it themselves.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

LEGO Space Police #5969 Squidman Escape

Theme: Space Police III
Name : Squidman Escape
S/N : #5969
Year : 2009
Pieces : 42
Minifig : 2
Price : RM35.90, SGD12.90, USD5.99, GBP4.89

This box have quite a good box art, the police on the small raptor chasing Squidman, the new alien minifigs. The side of the box is the actual minifig size for you to learn the size, while the back of the box is another box art, nothing special, since this set has no function that comes with it. MY box a little damaged though. (^-^)

#5969 #5969 1 #5969 2

This sets comes with two packet of bricks, an instruction booklet and of course sticker sheet which will be the added detail to the raptor.

#5969 3 #5969 4 #5969 5

The instruction can be download at: LEGO Website
Squidman cape is specially pack in a small cardboard pack that looks a little like envelope.


The only minifig's accessories included in this set is the money, and it is printed and is the same with City theme note. Guess space note is usable in LEGO City. =P


Two minifigs are included in this set. Both of the minifigs have both side of their torso printed and we get a new alien head mold with printed detail on it. Below are the pictures:

IMG_0758 IMG_0760 IMG_1448

At least there is something new from the revived space theme.

Space Raptor
Here's the small vehicle and it is just completed without stickers put on it. LEGO do give me some bricks with black scratch mark, but nevermind.

IMG_0738 IMG_0740 IMG_0749 IMG_0741 IMG_0746

As you can see, there's nothing much to play with this set expect open and close the hood although there is no details there, and bending the rear part of the raptor.

And here's the process of applying stickers. What you need here is a cotton-bud and a toothpick. The reason of using toothpick is to prevent your finger print from being on the sticker, especially the transparent one and to prevent the sticker to lose it stickiness.

IMG_1425 IMG_1428

Once applied to the bricks, use cotton-bud to iron it.

IMG_1431 IMG_1430

And here, it is done. Of course it looks better with the stickers on, but it will be a disadvantages to MOCers.


Extra pieces
Here's the extra bricks left, just in case you loss it in the future or broken. I will keep them back inside the box anyway.


Completed model
Once the assembling and applying sticker process is done, this is the thing we get, a cool raptor and two minifigs. =P


Playability: 4/10 No functions for playability though.
Design : 8/10 This set is well design, the raptor looks just good.
Price : 8/10 The price is acceptable.
Overall: 7/10 Cool raptor, nice minifigs, lack of playability.