Sunday, April 24, 2011

LEGO Star Wars #7663 Sith Infiltrator Review

Theme: Star Wars
Name: Sith Infiltrator
S/N: #7663
Year: 2007
Pieces: 310
Minifig: 1
Price: RM199.90, SGD59.90, USD29.99, GBP24.99

It seems like this is no limited edition set over here and the front shows the Infiltrator itself and a picture of Darth Maul on his speeder on the bottom left. The top side of the box shows the actual minifig scale like usual while the back of the box shows the playability of the set and advertisement for other Star Wars sets that was released that year.

box1 box2

Inside the box are five bags of bricks, a piece of slope parts and an instruction book. No stickers as the part are printed which is great.

content content1

To view the instruction, please click HERE.

I am surprise and disappointed to find out that this set comes with a lightsaber chrome hilt but it does not include the translucent red piece for the lightsaber. Other than that there are three probe droid and a binocular.


Since Darth Maul have cease production for quite sometimes now, I guess new collector are very willing to buy this set just to get him, which is the one and only minifg in this set. It do comes with a cape, just that I didn't attach it and the torso were printed at the front only.


The way of building the speeder is indeed unique and there is no place that Darth Maul can be attached on it unless he hold the handle. Guess they have to build it that way to fit it into the cockpit.


Sith Infiltrator
The wing can be open but it is just too big. As a result, I only snap the picture of Sith Infiltrator in landing mode which looks good too.

sith infiltrator
sith infiltrator1 sith infiltrator2 sith infiltrator3 sith infiltrator4

There is this compartment in front of the infiltrator where you can keep the accessories and it is neatly made. The cons here is that you have to remove the whole front part of the infiltrator to see the compartment. I prefer it is still attach when we open it up.

frontcompartment frontcompartment1

Under the infiltrator there are two retractable landing gear to support the front when landing. The width between the two landing gear can be adjust a little too.

landing gear

On both the wing, there goes the designer favorite function which is the flick-fire missile. At that point of time there is no new mold for the flick-fire missile hend both of them tend to fall off whenever you swoosh around with the infiltrator (I didn't play with it but just tested it).

flick fire flick fire1

The cockpit of the infiltrator is located at the back of the ship, and there is a printed piece in it. Also this is where you park your speeder. The pros over here is that you need not remove anything but just open it up to reveal the cockpit.

cockpit1 cockpit

Extra pieces
It seems like there will have extra pieces leftover when the ship contains small parts and picture below shows the extra pieces from this set.

extra pieces

Completed model
I found out I'm quite bored during the assembling process and the lightsaber issue is really bothers me. The ship do looks good though maybe because of the printed parts.

completed model

Playability: 8/10 I like some of the functions here
Design: 6/10 The Sith Infiltrator is design is good although not that accurate
Price: 5/10 The price here is quite good although it is expensive
Overall: 6/10 Nice minifigs, nice infiltrator, lightsaber is bothering me

Monday, April 18, 2011

LEGO Ninjago #2504 Spinjitzu Dojo Review

This is my first Ninjago set as I was offered at a very tempting price. However, I still don't like it as much as I like other theme.

Theme: Ninjago
Name: Spinjitzu Dojo
S/N: #2504
Year: 2011
Pieces: 373
Minifig: 3
Price: RM239.90, SGD79.90, USD49.99, GBP30.99

Since the box is damaged so badly, I was offered a good price for this set. (^^) The front of the box shows the good fighting with the baddies and also 5 cards were shown on the lower right of the box. The top side shows the name of each character together with the actual minifigs scale while the back shows the playability of the set, name of the character and the weapon you receive from this set.

box1 box2

A pack of cards and a spinner were included other than three numbered bags of bricks, sticker sheet and two instruction books. Nuckal's head and armor are packed separately in bag one.

content2 content3 content1

To download the instruction, pleas visit: Book1 / Book2

There are actually quite a number of accessories included just that they are part of the material that are used to build the dojo, as a result those that can be use by the minifigs are not much. I forget to include the golden shuriken inside the picture. (==)


Three minifigs were included in this set which is Sensei Wu, who got both side of his torso printed and leg printed as well, Zane and Nuckal. I like the new skeleton torso, they are printed too.

minifigs1 minifigs2 minifigs3 minifigs4

Spinner & Cards
Guess this is the only set that you can get the Sensei Wu with his spinner. The coming Sensei Wu spinner set comes with different outfit. The two pieces of bricks are for the use of the spinner when you used the card, Higher Ground.

spinner spinner3 cards

Spinjitzu Dojo
Although I like the design (as they manage to show the Japanese architecture in it) the building process is a little bored as most of the part are repeated steps and the dojo are just wall. However, it can be expand with the combination of other set, I think the bowling one.

dojo1 dojo2 dojo3dojo4

Here's the right part of the dojo when it facing me. It got some turning samurai sword on the wall and there is a button behind the wall for you to twist. Also there is some fire details added.

fire on right spinning blade spinning blade1 spinning blade 2

Moving to the left side of the dojo, there is trap with falling axes. also a bamboo and some spike on water are added as detail.

bamboo on left axe axe1 axe 2

Both side of the wall got hanging chain, lantern and a flick fire missile. I have no idea why, but mostly is to add value, which is playability.

detail flick fire

Now to the center of the dojo where there is this gate that can be open and also a little trap. Stairs were added as detail.


All you see is a golden shuriken after you open the door. Guess this is a treasure of the dojo. But seriously, it really are like treasure as there are stands holding the shuriken and is a room with only shuriken and stands. As a result, the sensei have to guard it himself.

door door1gold shuriken

The trap does not work very well, but it still counts. I suppose it is to send the tatami flying but nope, it just came up and that's it. So to activate the trap, all you have to do is to press the shuriken holder platform.

trap trap1 trap2

Extra pieces
There are quite a number of pieces left after we done assembling the set. Golden shuriken are included too. (^^)

extra pieces

Completed model
Yay for successfully incorporated the Japanese architecture into the set and boo for the poorly added playability which spoilt the look of the dojo.

completed model

Playability: 4/10 Terrible playability.
Design: 7/10 I like the architecture just hate the poorly added playability
Price: 4/10 Although is affordable here, but the MSRP here is just not worth the set
Overall: 5/10 Minifigs with a little low quality, bad playability which make the dojo ugly